Other liquid waste treatment

There are other industrial liquid waste that require very specific treatments. These liquid waste are not mainly made up of water, so having this in mind and due to their composition, these cannot be treated with the same methods as water based liquid waste.

In most cases we are dealing with a highly contaminated liquid waste, often made up of alcohols and organic disolvents without water, impossible to treat using traditional purification systems. These liquid wastes are usually treated with distillers, since the principal objective is to be able to reuse the existing chemical products.

Basically, when referring to other liquid wastes we are talking about:

Liquid wastes minimization is a process by which water-based wastes production is reduced through the application of diverse technologies designed to reduce the volume of dissolved wastes in the water, by extracting the volatile fraction (water or solvent) on the one hand and concentrating the heavy fraction on the other.

Vacuum evaporators and Solvent distillers allow to achieve these goals, which enable rationalising resources and reduce the energy associated to its final disposal.