Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD)

At Condocherm Envitech we support sustainable processes to aim for zero liquid discharge or ZLD. There are two main reasons for this: To recover high-quality water and to minimize waste production.

What is zero liquid discharge

By combining different concentration methods, such as membranes and vacuum evaporation, we can reach a level of waste concentration to allow:

  • Reuse of obtained water from the treatment process.
  • Commercialization of waste for different applications.
  • An alternative fuel through cogeneration units or other systems.

In addition to the points raised above, a zero discharge system offers interesting advantages, such as: reduction of wastewater management costs, reduction of the hazardous liquid wastes volume to be stored in an industrial complex, reduction of the amount of transportation of such waste, therefore minimizing the risk of accidents and diesel consumption.

In short, these methods allow streamlining in the liquid waste management in the industry, resulting in a noticeable improvement for the environment, and a reduction in businesses operating costs.