Heat pump vacuum evaporators.

ENVIDEST LT VS (3.000-15.000) is an electric heat pump vacuum evaporator. Designed for liquid industrial effluent treatment.

Clean water production between 3.000-15.000 liters/day.

Our evaporators ENVIDEST LT VS

Main features

  • Steam boiler built in A-316 L. Completely detachable, easy to access through its inspection manhole (170, 350 and 500 mm, depending on model).
  • Toroid shape submerged exchanger built in AISI-316 or other materials, for liquid heating.
  • Upper heat exchanger for steam condensation, closed-loop system.
  • High efficiency main circuit with main compressor for refrigerant heating and cooling (Ecological Freon gas type R407c or R134a).
  • Supporting circuit for cooling of the vacuum circuit with compressor and instruments.
  • Cooling axial fans with automatic insertion through pressure transducer, depending on model with frequency  converters.
  • Venturi vacuum system or liquid ring  pump (depending on model).
  • Recirculation pump / download of special concentrate for dense liquids.
  • Control panel with display, to show the operating data and PLC SIEMENS integrated in the cabinet.
  • Automated cleaning system for the inside of the boiler. With cycle start from the operator.
  • Antifoam automated control and dosage system.

Optional features

  • It can be supplied with parts of the equipment touching the fluid built with special material  corrosion resistant (SAF 2507, SANICRO 28, TITANIUM or stainless steel austenitic-ferritic super duplex alloys) for effluents with high levels of chloride, fluoride, etc.
  • Special version model LT DPC, for very corrosive liquids, in boilers PVDF coated and graphite exchanger or Hastelloy (special for chromic acid).
  • Remote management MODEM.
  • Other power supplies available.


Vacuum evaporator - ENVIDEST LT VS

Technical specs

Units 3000 4000 5500 7000 9000 12000 15000
Feed Inlet I/d 3.000 4.000 5.500 7.000 9.000 12.000 15.000
Nominal Capacity I/h 125 165 230 290 375 500 625
Energy Consumption W/I 150 150 150 150 150 150 150
Dimensions (LxPxH) cm 340x150x255 360x150x265 370x150x265 410x150x315 425x200x425 465x200x430 450x200x440