Washing Water Treatments


Wash Water originate from a wide variety of sources, some might be from good quality recycled sources on site such as the single run-through Cooling Tower, where there is expected to be little contamination from the Wash Water, others sources of Wash Water are from waters that are supplied to sites from external sources, these can be areas such as bore-hole, or what is generally classed as ‘mains supply’ the latter is normally supplied by a private or national water supplier., and finally at this point there could be Wash Water that is from within a process and needs cleaning up potentially for recycling

Wash Water Systems

Before water can be used for Wash Water operations Condorchem Envitech will assess the water quality and from this the correct system will be constructed to ensure that the wash-water will be of the correct quality for the client in the application they choose for the wash-water.

Not only might the source of the water for Wash Water applications vary immensely, even in a sector which generally might be termed ‘process water’ there can be differences required due to the final application for the Wash Water. For example, in a launderette, it would be desirable to have the Wash Water softened to some degree as this will decrease the amount of detergents used in the water and render it more cost-effective. Therefore, to ensure that the water used in a cleaning process is of a good quality with low contaminants then pre-treatment systems on in-coming water such as softeners and filtration maybe required.

Food and Beverage operations use wash water in a wide variety of areas, besides having areas of closed and open plant cleaning where wash-water is needed to support the carriage of chemical treatment, there are some areas where high quality water is required to achieve this and ensure the highest standard of the wash-water to be used, a combination of physical and chemical treatments, Condorchem Envitech can provide wash-water of the highest quality, further details are available on our webpage.

Depending on the levels of contaminants in the initial wash-water and the required final status of the wash water Condorchem Envitech can offer a variety of wash-water solutions to ensure that the final quality of the wash-water meets the client’s requirements.

  • Physical- Chemical Purificators – Where there might be a requirement to remove Suspended Solids (SS) then this combination of equipment and chemistry can be used to reduce the contaminants in the wash-water.
  • Evaporation Technologies Condorchem Envitech are one of the leading companies in offering Evaporation Technologies to water that is heavy in water salts, smaller units have a small footprint and be located near to the extraction or delivery source.
  • Forward Osmosis Systems – Some wash waters might have high levels of Soluble Solids, e.g. natural water salts such as Calcium, in this instance in conjunction with the Physical- Chemical Purificators, Forward Osmosis Systems can be used to produce high quality water from an aqueous effluent with varying degrees of contamination, these systems can sometimes be used instead of a Biological Wastewater
  • Filtration Systems Condorchem Envitech are able to provide the client with a wide range of filtration systems, depending on the contaminants coming onto the plant and the purpose of the final wash-water The membrane range goes from micro-filtration, ultra-filtration and nano-filtration, and finally reverse osmosis.

The above solutions are just some of the technologies employed by Condorchem Envitech initially a representative from our company will visit site and then work with the client to assess the quality of the waste-water and then the final requirement for the treated wash-water.

Examples of case-studies from some of our clients are also available via our representatives alongside client testimonial’s.

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