The main contaminant sources found in these three industries are: oil emulsions (drilling oils), washing waters and exhausted baths from paint pre-treatment, washing waters and exhausted baths from electroplating/surface treatment, non-destructive testing waters with penetrating liquids, washing machines and degreasing lines, floor-washing waters, compressor blow downs, water from liquid paint booths, cleaning solvents, VOC emissions and inorganic pollutant emissions.

Condorchem Envitech provides the technologies required for the treatment of effluents, emissions and solid wastes generated by any company in the metal-mechanical / appliances / electrical equipment sector.

Following is a general classification of different manufacturers:

  • Smelting and processing of metals.
  • Coating and metal surface treatment.
  • Machining, deformation, cutting and punching.
  • Forging, stamping and drawing.
  • Drafting, lamination and wire drawing.
  • Metallic structures and metallic carpentry.
  • Tubes, profiles and accessories.
  • Tanks, radiators, boilers and steam generators.
  • Drums, barrels, containers and packaging.
  • Turbines, pumps and compressors.
  • Valves and fittings.
  • Tools, hardware, fasteners, locks, springs and cutlery.
  • Wire products.
  • Sliding bearings, gears and rolling bearings.
  • Arms and ammunition.
  • Machine tools.
  • Agricultural machinery.
  • Diverse machinery.
  • Electrical household appliances.
  • Accumulators and electrical batteries.
  • Luminaries and other lighting appliances.
  • Other equipment and electrical material.

Condorchem Envitech supplies tailor-made solutions designed specifically for the treatment of effluents generated by companies in the metal-mechanical / appliances / electrical equipment sector:

To this end, we offer several technologies, the most notable being: