DeNOx recovery

DeNOx Recovery is a process for NOx emissions treatment. The main advantages are:

  • >99% of NOx reduction.
  • Salts recovery.
  • Chemical wastes elimination.
  • No hazardous compounds are released into the atmosphere.

The process is divided into 4 stages:

  • Cooling System. The exhaust gas from the storage tank is cooled down to aim a reasonable temperature for the next process.
  • Photo-oxidation.  NOx oxidize during the gas phase by the combination of UV lamps and ozone.
  • Scrubbers. NOx are captured and neutralized by contact with a water washing solution.
  • Crystallization. The NOx neutralized in the water crystallizes to give salts that can be recovered and commercialized.

The result of the process is an emission free of NOx that can be released directly into the atmosphere, as well as the recovery of salts, that are created from the same emissions.

DeNOx recovery