Dry heat pump vacuum crystallizers.

DESALT LT DRY (250-1000) is a heat pump vacuum evaporator and it works with electric energy. It is designed to obtain semi-solid concentrates, as well as to recover raw materials in the solution of the treated waters.

Clean water production between 250-1.000 liters/day.

Our evaporators DESALT LT DRY

Main features

  • Evaporator with steam boiler of horizontal development built in AISI 316L.
  • Side opening   easy opening and accessibility for manual removal of salts. At completion of the work cycle vacuum is broken and manual download of the boiler starts, by using a scraper shovel made of P.P., through one of the front doors.
  • External sleeve heat exchanger (for evaporation).
  • Toroidal shape heat exchanger (for condensation).
  • High efficiency main circuit with main compressor for refrigerant heating and cooling (Ecological Freon gas type R407c or R134a).
  • Supporting circuit for cooling of the vacuum circuit with compressor and instruments.
  • Cooling axial fans with automatic insertion through pressure transducer.
  • Venturi system vacuum.
  • Control panel with display, to show the operating data and PLC SIEMENS integrated in the cabinet.

Optional features

  • Boiler in SAF 2507, SANICRO 28 (effluent with high levels of chloride and fluoride, etc).
  • Distillate trap for collection and sorting of solvents.
  • Special Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Antifoam automated control and dosage system (if needed).
  • Remote management MODEM.
  • Other power supplies available.


Vacuum evaporator - Crystallizer DESALT LT DRY

Technical specs

Units 250 350 500 750 1000
Feed Inlet I/d 250 350 500 750 1.000
Nominal Capacity I/h 10,5 14,5 21 31 42
Energy Consumption W/I 250 250 250 250 250
Dimensions (LxPxH) cm 160x140x225 160x150x225 260x150x225 175x200x230 320x160x245