Industrial wastewater treatment

At Condorchem Envitech we design and install plants for industrial wastewater treatment. We supply the best technologies to treat wastewater in any kind of industrial activity. Our main technologies for industrial wastewater treatment are:

Industrial wastewater results as a consequence of industrial activity. Industrial wastewater diversity may be very large (process and washing water, cooling, etc.), caused by a vast range of pollutants.

At Condorchem Envitech we work to optimize the use of water in the industry, promoting its reuse after the production process by means of zero liquid discharge technologies, these being viable from both an economical and environmental point of view.

In the case of zero liquid discharge not being possible, we apply the required treatments to comply with legal frameworks in order to avoid sanctions or any other important economical or social repercussions and loss of business image.

If industrial wastewater is not properly treated before its discharge, it may contain toxic and/or barely degradable compounds, a distant pH from neutrality, etc. The required processes for proper treatment are based on the type of waste present.