TheĀ ENVIDEST MVR FC evaporatorsĀ represent a new concept of evaporators with forced circulation by means of mechanical vapour compression in order to produce 250-2,000 L / h of distillate.

Preheating system of the water to be treated for equipment start-up (for two hours) using electrical resistors installed inside the boiler or by vapour supply provided by the client.

Our evaporators ENVIDEST MVR FC

Main features

  • Vertical boiler, manufactured with the material AISI 316 L.
  • Large capacity for continuous operation of the machine.apour compression system using a Root pump.
  • Vacuum formed by a liquid ring pump. A system for cooling the pump using a chiller installed outside the frame.
  • A system for recirculating concentrated water using a centrifugal pump.
  • A plate exchanger for exchanging heat between the fluid to be treated and the vapour produced, causing the condensation of the latter (distillate).
  • Manufactured with AISI 316 L.
  • Pre-plate exchanger to pre-heat the water to be treated. Exchange between the water to be treated and the distillate obtained.
  • Condensation tank manufactured with AISI 316 L.
  • Automatic control by weight, pressure and temperature.
  • Load cells, for control by weight.
  • Scaled level sensor for continuous control of the process.
  • Manometer for controlling the vacuum and the operation of the vacuum pump.
  • Machine started using electrical resistance or vapour feed.
  • Pipes manufactured with AISI 316 L.
  • Cleaning in place system for the inside of the evaporator, thus guaranteeing its continuous availability.
  • Control cabinet built into machine with protection and operational control equipment.
  • It has PLC, analogue modules for instrumentation and touch HMI with a screen.

Optional features

  • Machine with panelling to minimise the noise and optimise the performance of the machine at thermal level.
  • It is possible to feed the machine, the parts in contact with the liquid, with a special material that is resistant to corrosion (SAF 2507 or TITANIUM) (effluent with a high chloride or fluoride, etc., content).
  • Distance management MODEM.
  • Other electrical supplies are available.


Vacuum evaporator - ENVIDEST MVR FC

Technical specs

Units 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000
Feed Inlet I/d 5.000 10.000 15.000 20.000 30.000 40.000
Nominal Capacity I/h 250 500 750 1000 1500 2000
Energy Consumption W/I 52 52 48 48 48 48
Dimensions (LxPxH) cm 320x190x290 350x210x290 400x220x325 450x220x340 470x220x350 490x220x350