COVID-19 - CLARIFICATION - We wish to inform our clients that despite the restrictions derived from the pandemic, Condorchem Envitech maintains its ability to develop projects and install equipment in any country in the world. The start-up of the plants can be done remotely, since they have systems that allow remote management, remote diagnosis and they include an alarm center.

Condorchem Envitech

Condorchem Envitech is an environmental engineering firm providing water, effluent and air emissions treatment solutions for a wide range of industrial activities.

We offer our clients comprehensive environmental project solutions, covering the following services: analysis, planning, design, construction, installation, maintenance and supply of plants and capital goods for waste treatment.

Ever since the inception of our company we have promoted the implementation of the best available technologies, so as to ensure our clients are offered the best solutions for their specific needs.

What we do

Water is an essential resource in many production processes.

We work to optimize its use in a responsible manner, promoting either its reuse by means of Zero Liquid Discharge technologies or its treatment to make it suitable for discharge in compliance with the legislation in force.

  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Zero liquid discharge
  • Raw water production
Our commitment is aimed at monitoring atmospheric emissions to comply with current legislation, ensuring sustainable industrial development, while taking into account international agreements arising as a result of the Kyoto Protocol.

To this end, we supply the technologies required for the purification of volatile organic compounds (VOC), inorganic compounds, NOx, odors, as well as dust and/or aerosols emissions.


  • VOC’s treatment
  • NOx abatement
  • Odor reduction
  • Other air emissions treatment
We offer efficient solutions to recover valuable materials and resources from different types of waste.
We can process waste and transform it into raw materials, by products or finished products. Some of the most typical applications are:

  • Energy production
  • Natural fertilizer production
  • Salt recovery
  • Work-bath regeneration & solvent recycling

Vision, mission & values


We are an environmental engineering that offers complete solutions for industrial wastewater treatment and industrial air emissions treatment worldwide. We implement customized and smart solutions, using cutting edge and energetically efficient technologies.


We will continue to embrace our role as an engineering company of reference, at an international level. We bring together internal and external cultures, policies, and innovation strategies that allow us to create added value to our society with a sustainable outlook.

Our goal is to be recognized for bringing this added value through solutions that respect the environment and promote the recovery of resources from waste. We constantly strive to apply innovation and the use of technology to improve our products and services, and we will establish further strategic partnerships with technological partners to share knowledge and experiences that lead us to the achievement of these goals.


Innovation, creativity, enthusiasm, solidarity, responsibility, respect for the environment.

Our premises

Foundation of the company

The company was founded by our CEO, Sergio Tuset, under the name Condoroil Ibérica, originally selling chemical products in Spain and Portugal.


Our first wastewater treatment plant constructed

The company business quickly expanded into engineering for industrial water treatment, which was reflected in the design and installation of our first plant in 1994.


Change of name to Condorchem

After looking for a name that better reflected its business, the Condoroil Ibérica management decided to change the company name to Condorchem on the 10th anniversary of the company.


First project outside Europe

The company mainly operated in the Iberian peninsula and occasionally in other European countries for the first 15 years of its existence. Our first project in another continent occurred in 2007, which started the process of internationalization for Condorchem.


Opening of Company offices in the US

The internationalization process continued, and the growing number of projects in the USA led to a company branch being founded there to provide a better service to customers.


Opening of Company offices in Mexico

The same situation occurred with Mexico only one year later. A new company was founded to be able to more efficiently serve the many projects requested in that country.


First projects in Asia

The company’s extensive expansion and internationalization process was delayed somewhat in the Asian continent; however, the first project was achieved in South Korea in 2013, which has now been followed by other projects in Asia.


R&D Department established

The constant search for new, more efficient, more sustainable and more economic solutions for our customers led to one of the most desired projects in the company, the opening of the R&D Department in 2015.


4th patent obtained

The first 3 company patents were related to wastewater treatment in industrial environments. However, we obtained our 4th patent in 2016 for the treatment of nitrogen oxide emissions.


25th anniversary of the company



With the aim of expanding the set of solutions aimed at the recovery of resources and recovery of waste, Condorchem Envitech acquires Energy & Waste, a company specialized in the treatment and enrichment of biogas for power generation.


Opening of a new office in Lyon

The opening of the new company in France and an office in Lyon are aimed at offering a closer and personalized service to the growing demand for projects in the French market.


Condorchem Envitech in the world

Condorchem Envitech in the world