Inorganic compounds are produced as a result of different physico-chemical phenomena by the fusion of virtually every known chemical element. The main difference with organic components is that they do not have carbon or its derivatives as their main element.

At Condorchem Envitech we purify inorganic compounds thanks to a physico-chemical treatment to eliminate acid or alkaline contaminants by means of both wet and dry scrubbers or washing towers. The solution is usually undertaken in water, although other types of solutions with reactants can also be used, since these especifically attack particular compounds.

The purpose of this method is to transfer most of the gaseous contaminants to a liquid state, however, this transfer is subject to limitations mainly due to the physical-chemical characteristics of the contaminant, liquid absorbent and, especially, mutual solubility.

For the absorption process to perform effectively, two important conditions need to be met:

  • Both liquid and contaminant substances must be compatible, i.e. they must have a high enough solubility parameter value.
  • The availability of a wide contact surface and the exchange, where transfer of the contaminant to the absorbent liquid may be possible.

At Condorchem we offer different types of Scrubbers:

  • Perforated-plate columns or conteract covers.
  • Traditional packed columns and special in co-corrent and countercurrent.
  • Aerosol washing columns.