Air contains a diverse mix of microscopic particles, among which there are atmospheric aerosols. Aerosols may originate both from natural sources, as well as from different industrial processes, or electric energy generation. They are usually harmful to the atmosphere and produce similar effects to those of greenhouse gases.

Requirements concerning emission controls are increasingly strict and have great influence in the designing of treatment systems for dust or aerosol emissions that help protect the health and the environment.

De-dusting or elimination of dust and/or aerosols is carried out by either wet or dry surface systems. Condorchem Envitech supplies the most appropriate technologies to be used based on the characteristics of the type of particle to be abated: amount, grain size, humidity percentage, etc. The most common technologies are:

Wet systems:

  • Scrubbers or perforated-plate scrubbers
  • Venturi scrubber
  • Scrubbers with special filling

Dry systems:

  • Cyclons
  • Bag filters
  • Automatic self-cleaning hose filters
  • Absolute filters