The main contaminant sources found in the textile and leather industries are: bleaching waters, scouring waters, desizing waters, mercerization waters, dye waters, rinsing and washing waters, preservation brines, riverbank waters, prickling waters and post-tanning and dressing waters.

Condorchem Envitech provides the technologies required for the treatment of effluents generated by any textile and leather manufacturing plant.

Following is a general classification of different manufacturers with whom we can collaborate:

  • Preparation and spinning of fibers.
  • Manufacture of fabrics.
  • Textile dyeing, printing and dressing.
  • Manufacture of wearing apparel.
  • Manufacture of other textiles.
  • Preparation, tanning and dyeing of fur.
  • Preparation, tanning and dressing of leather.

Condorchem Envitech supplies tailor-made solutions designed specifically for the treatment of effluents generated by companies in the textile and leather sector.

To this end, we offer several technologies, the most notable being: