Design, manufacturing and star-up of industrial wastewater evaporators

At Condorchem Envitech we design, manufacture and supply industrial water evaporators. From the moment we launched our company in 1992, we have dedicated significant effort and resources to RDI so we can offer the most efficient and durable waste water treatment evaporators on the market.

Our industrial water evaporators are designed to be automatic and user-friendly, with minimum need for supervision. Our evaporation plants are made with high-quality materials and components to ensure they last a very long time and run as smoothly as possible, without any breakdowns.

This experience and dedication enables us to guarantee our customers that our evaporation systems will enable them to achieve their environmental and financial goals. An investment in our evaporators offers significant value and provides the most efficient waste water evaporation system for all levels of production. You can save thousands of dollars over the life of your system. Contact us to find out how we can help you manage your waste water.

At Condorchem Envitech we offer a wide range of evaporators, which means that we can adapt to the specific needs of any customer.

We work with the managers and engineers on each project to help them decide which water evaporators would be the best choice for treating their industrial waste water. This involves assessing their waste water and testing with pilot plants, which helps us to then design an industrial evaporation system that will guarantee optimum results for our customer.

Our range of evaporators

Our evaporator range includes the following:

Mechanical vapour compression evaporators

The main advantage of mechanical vapour compression (MVC) or mechanical vapour recompression (MVR) evaporators is that they reduce vapour consumption, as it is replaced by electric energy, which allows you to significantly reduce operating costs in comparison to other types of evaporators.

The vapour produced by the evaporator is sent to an MVC system to be compressed and heated. It is then sent back to the evaporator to be used as vapour for heating. During this process, the evaporator is also used as a condenser for vapour evaporation.

DESALT MVR FCVacuum crystallizers by mechanical vapour recompression and forced circulationENVIDEST MVR FC - vacuum evaporatorENVIDEST MVR FCVacuum evaporators by mechanical vapour recompression and forced circulationENVIDEST MVR FFENVIDEST MVR FF 30 – 2500Falling film vacuum evaporators by mechanical vapour recompression and forced circulation

Heat pump evaporators

Heat pump evaporators take advantage of the combined effects of vacuum and heat pump technology to obtain a distillate of excellent quality that can be reused in the process or expelled into the sewage system with no need for further treatment.

Heat pump evaporators use electricity as an energy source and are a very effective form of technology for concentrating, minimising and treating a wide variety of industrial effluents and waste water, and also for concentrating extracts and products for the food industry.

Our range of heat pump evaporators at Condorchem Envitech are divided into three main types of products: standard heat pump vacuum evaporators, heat pump evaporators with an internal scraper, and heat pump evaporators with a dryer.

ENVIDEST LT VSENVIDEST LT VSHeat pump vacuum evaporatorsDESALT LT DRY- CrystallizerDESALT LT DRYHeat pump vacuum crystallizersDESALT LT VR - CrystallizerDESALT LT VRHeat pump vacuum crystallizers

Multi-stage evaporators

Multi-stage evaporators are ideal when vapour is available at a reasonable cost, as they enable you to optimise the energy efficiency of your evaporation plant by recycling vapour.

It is an evaporation system with a series of evaporators conveniently joined together between the live vapour supply and the condenser, providing an efficient way to evaporate water.

The vapour supplied during the first stage produces low-pressure vapour, which can be used as heating for the second stage, where it is condensed at a temperature higher than the boiling temperature of the solution evaporating in the second stage. This process is repeated successively at each stage of the evaporation plant. The vapour released at the final stage should be condensed.

ENVIDEST DPM 1ENVIDEST DPM 1Single effect thermal vacuum evaporatorsENVIDEST DPM 2ENVIDEST DPM 2Double effect thermal vacuum evaporatorsENVIDEST DPM 3 - vacuum evaporatorENVIDEST DPM 3Third effect thermal vacuum evaporatorsENVIDEST MFE 1ENVIDEST MFE 1Single effect thermal vacuum evaporators by forced circulationENVIDEST MFE 2ENVIDEST MFE 2Double effect thermal vacuum evaporators by forced circulationENVIDEST MFE 3ENVIDEST MFE 3Triple effect thermal vacuum evaporators by forced circulation


Industrial crystallisers are used in a wide range of industries when users are looking to recover a valuable resource found in industrial waste water, or when they want to further minimise the end waste that needs to be managed.

Waste water crystallisers are used for the water-to-solid separation process and it is common to combine them with a vacuum evaporator, or with other technology, to treat waste.

Industrial crystallisers are capable of producing products of high purity without requiring excessive energy consumption. This makes them an efficient option for companies that are looking to recover valuable materials from industrial waste water and achieve zero waste.

At Condorchem Envitec we offer various types of crystallisers to meet the needs of any customer or process.

Benefits of our industrial water evaporators

Vacuum evaporators are an effective and user-friendly technology for minimising industrial waste water. They enable you to recover up to 98% of clean water and concentrate valuable materials dissolved in industrial waste water, which can then be reused later.

Our evaporators can handle a wide range of waste, whether it be in isolation or simultaneously, so they offer a fantastic solution to reduce costs incurred from waste management. Many companies send their waste water to an external waste management company, so if you can reduce the volume of waste water that needs to be treated using evaporation, it will reduce the costs of said management, as well as the transport costs.

Water evaporators can also help you to reduce costs due to the fact that they require less maintenance and do not use chemical agents, which increase costs and must adhere to discharge limits that are becoming increasingly stricter.