Dry heat pump crystallizers with internal scraper.

DESALT LT VR (500-3.500) is a dry heat vacuum crystallizer, it works with electrical energy and has an internal scraper. Specially recommended for fouling wastewater and high density watery solution treatment.

Clean water production between 500-3.500 liters/day.

Our evaporators DESALT LT VR

Main features

  • Steam boiler evaporator built in A-316 L, can be completely dismantled.
  • Internal scraper activated by a gear motor, made in A-316L, in order to avoid fouling and to improve the heat transmission and the consistency of the fluid to be treated.
  • External sleeve heat exchanger recovering the external side of the boiler.
  • High efficiency main circuit with main compressor for refrigerant heating and cooling(Ecological Freon gas type R407c or R134a).
  • Supporting circuit for cooling of the vacuum circuit with compressor and instruments.
  • Cooling axial fans with automatic insertion through pressure transducer.
  • Venturi system vacuum with liquid ring.
  • Concentrate discharge especially for very dense liquids, by means of a pressurisation system.
  • Control panel with display, to show the operating data and PLC SIEMENS integrated in the cabinet.
  • Automated cleaning system for the inside of the boiler. With cycle start from the operator.
  • Antifoam automated control and dosage system.

Optional features

  • Boiler in SAF 2507, SANICRO 28 (effluent with high levels of chloride and fluoride,etc).
  • Internal scraper built in SAF 2507, SANICRO 28 or TITANIUM (effluent with high levels of chloride and fluoride, etc).
  • Distillate trap for collection and sorting of   solvents.
  • Special Teflon non-stick coating.
  • Antifoam automated control and dosage system(if needed).
  • Remote management MODEM.
  • Other power supplies available.


Vacuum evaporator - Crystallizer DESALT LT VR

Technical specs

Parameter Units 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Capacity L/day 500 750 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500
Electrical consumption kWh 5,5 8,2 16,2 24,5 25,4 28,7 35,4 37,1
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 2700 x 1000 x 2750 2700 x 1250 x 3100 2700 x 1250 x 3200 3000 x 1450 x 2790 3610 x 1600 x 3260 3700 x 1600 x 3400 3800 x 1600 x 3500 4000 x 1600 x 3860