The atmospheric evaporation equipment, Envidest EA24IC200 model allows to treat flow rates of 200 l/h by evaporating about 200 l/h to the atmosphere and obtaining a concentrate of about 100 l/h.

The process of forced evaporation by atmospheric pressure of the equipment of special range EA24 IC, is very simple but effective and sure. The heating system is by means of a compact waterproof exchanger in each barrel, the customer must bring the requested hot water flow to the exchanger (see operating conditions).

Our evaporators ENVIDEST EA

Main features

The equipment of forced evaporation by atmospheric pressure of the special range EA-24-IC of large production, are made of completely anticorrosive and highly resistant material (PP, PVDF, etc.). They allow to concentrate high value chemical products in the dragging of pumping out in the process of surface treatments, metallic coating and anodized aluminum. It is also very suitable for minimizing industrial wastewater such as photographic liquids, saline solutions or brine, lubricating emulsions, etc.

Equipment of range EA24IC work with controlled temperatures between 30 and 70º C. The solution to be treated is continuously pumped by means of a vertical pump made of P.P. that sends it to the towers’ sprinklers, where a forced airflow circulates against the current which ends up saturated with steam. A micro-filter placed on the upper area of the tower retains the small water drops and pollutants that the air thrown out could sweep along.

Optional features

  • Tank made of P.P. of adequate volume.
  • Evaporative tower made of P.P.
  • Internal filling of the large area tower with rings.
  • Sprinkling diffusers of large size to avoid its obstruction.
  • Micro-filters (demister).
  • External vertical pump made of P.P.
  • Level control.
  • Air fan made of PP.
  • External heat exchanger(IC).
  • Pneumatic pump of concentrate purge.