Vacuum concentrators are characterized by concentrating with low power consumption, dissolved liquid or solid products. The concentrated product can become the final product of the production process or a by-product to be reused or recycled.

This procedure, under vacuum conditions, achieves a double goal. On the one hand, the product is not subjected to high temperatures, a critical fact when it comes to thermolabile substances (vitamins, proteins, hormones, etc). On the other hand, while the pressure decreases, the water boiling temperature is also reduced. This event enables water evaporation without consuming excess power.

Vacuum concentrators are suitable to concentrate a product without subjecting it to high temperatures, either because it denatures, deactivates or loses most properties. This is the case for most products in biotechnological industries (enzymes, vitamins, hormones, etc), food industries (concentrated juices, sweeteners like sugar and stevia, etc.) and pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Condorchem Envitech offers “turnkey” solutions in vacuum concentration projects. We design, build and install vacuum concentration plants and have a wide range of concentrators to provide the most efficient solution in each particular case.