Primary water or raw water is required to enable the production process. Many production processes require higher quality water than what is obtained from the usual source of supply. Consequently this water must be treated to comply with specific characteristics or simply be drinkable.

In these cases, the water collected from natural environmental sources (rivers, lakes, etc.), water mains or wells needs to be treated before it can be used. This way, all those components that can be harmful are eliminated and high-quality water is obtained.

In Water Treatment Plants (WTP) we can obtain soft water, demineralized water or ultra-pure water (complete elimination of minerals and dissolved gases) for any type of industry. The main processes to be performed in a WTP are:

  • Desalination.
  • Decalcification to eliminate water hardness.
  • Demineralization.
  • De-ironing.
  • Filtration.
  • Drinking water treatment.