Water treatment

Condorchem offers efficient solutions to treat wastewater generated in industrial production processes, such as process and washing water, brines, oily waters, etc.

In addition, we have vast experience in ultra-pure water (purification) or raw water production. We apply the necessary treatment to the water collected from the natural environment to ensure the best quality before its use in any industrial process.

Wastewater must undergo a treatment process in order to eliminate physical, chemical and/or biological waste that may be present. The purpose of wastewater treatments is to enable a subsequent reuse (zero discharge), or its return to the natural environment without any environmental impact. The most appropriate wastewater treatments are subject to its composition as well as the desired quality of the water treated.

During primary water treatment, bulk solids, sands, oils and fats are eliminated. The secondary treatment breaks down organic matter from water and, in some cases, also nitrogen. Finally, wastes that are still present and are an inconvenience for the use of this water once treated (nutrients, solids in suspension, pathogens, etc.) are eliminated during a tertiary treatment.