Effluents treatment

At Condorchem Envitech we regard effluents as any liquid waste which is difficult to purify or recycle by means of conventional methods (physico-chemical and biological treatments), given their composition, which is especially hazardous if discharged. Aiming at effluent treatment, we supply different types of evaporation and distillation technologies designed to obtain the highest waste concentrations.

It is important to know that in many cases companies choose to store the effluents and send them to waste management operators. However, they can opt to treat effluents at their own facilities, which can provide significant long-term cost savings and even extra income from the sale of the by-products resulting from the treatment of the effluent.

Condorchem Envitech supplies the best available technologies for the industrial effluent treatment of many sectors, including:

We supply the best available technologies for water effluent treatment, the most important of which are: