Evaporation and crystallization for industrial wastewater treatment and reuse

Evaporation and crystallization, which can be combined with other technologies, have proven to be the best solution for the treatment and reuse of wastewater in all types of industrial activities.

Wastewater evaporators are the best technology for implementing a zero liquid discharge system, where wastewater is transformed into two streams, one containing solid waste with reusable resources (mainly raw materials and by-products) and another one with high quality water, which can be reused.

We are specialized in designing customized solutions for industrial companies that want to manage their wastewater in the most efficient and sustainable way. We can deliver a zero liquid discharge system that will allow your company to achieve the following goals:

  • Reuse 98% of the water
  • Recover valuable raw materials and by-products dissolved in the water
  • Minimize the final sludge to be managed

Condorchem Envitech’s evaporators and crystallizers delivers constant innovations and solid engineering. We customize every evaporator to provide more efficiency and durability to our customers than any other wastewater equipment manufacturer.

Discharges to water in Sweden from some industries in 2018, by industry sector and recipient, tonnes

Source: Statistiskt meddelande-Utsläpp till vatten och slamproduktion 2018

Our evaporators

When are vacuum evaporators and crystallizers the best option for industrial companies

  • You want a circular economy system for your waste management
  • You want to recover resources from the wastewater and generate cost savings
  • You want to reuse the water
  • You want to minimize the volume of waste to be managed
  • You want a significant reduction in waste management costs
  • You want to generate income through the transformation of the waste into by-products
  • You want reduction of the need to store large volumes of waste
  • You want to reduce greenhouse gas emissions when transporting the waste
  • You want to comply with the current regulations on discharge of effluents


We have carried out more than 600 projects in more than 40 countries.


Vacuum evaporators are a great option for all kind of industrial activities and allow the treatment of a great diversity of waste effluents:

  • Water containing organic solvents
  • Brines
  • Sea water
  • Water with metals
  • Petroleum and oil derivatives
  • Acid water
  • Leachates
  • Rejects from other processes
  • Well water
  • High organic load water
  • Olive oil
  • Drills
  • Oily emulsions, coolant fluids, mould release agents
  • Purging of compressors, water from washing floors
  • Water from washing tanks and reactors (in the chemical, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and perfumery industries)
  • Working and wash baths in galvanic processes and surface treatments
  • Penetrating liquids
  • Graphic arts waste (ink, cleaning water and paint)
  • Water treatment plant reject (reverse osmosis, demineralizers and more)
  • Digestate from biogas generation plants
  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pickling industry
  • Power generation
  • Paper
  • Mining and extraction industries
  • And more