Sectors – Automotive, aeronautic and other transportation

COVID-19 - CLARIFICATION - We wish to inform our clients that despite the restrictions derived from the pandemic, Condorchem Envitech maintains its ability to develop projects and install equipment in any country in the world. The start-up of the plants can be done remotely, since they have systems that allow remote management, remote diagnosis and they include an alarm center.

The main contaminant sources found in the automotive  and other transportations in general industries are: oil emulsions (drilling oils), washing water and exhausted baths from paint pre-treatment, washing water and exhausted baths from electroplating/surface treatment, washing waters from thermal treatments, mould-releasers and hydraulic fluid in aluminum injection casting, washing machines and degreasing lines, floor-washing water, compressor blow downs, water from liquid paint booths, cleaning solvents, VOC emissions, inorganic pollutant emissions.

Following is a general classification of different manufacturers:

  • Motor vehicles.
  • Motor vehicle bodyworks.
  • Parts, pieces and non-electric accessories.
  • Shipbuilding and ship repair work.
  • Railway rolling stock.
  • Manufacture of aircraft and spacecraft.
  • Motorcycles and bicycles.
  • Other transport equipment.

Condorchem Envitech supplies tailor-made solutions designed specifically for the treatment of wastes generated by companies in the food sector:

To this end, we offer several technologies, the most notable being: