Project details

Diamond Chrome Plating
  • Client: Diamond Chrome Plating, Inc.
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Howell, US
  • Sector: Metal processing
  • Division: Industrial wastewater treatment

Project description

Diamond Chrome Plating, Inc is engaged in industrial nickel chrome plating. During the process, wastewater is generated that is stored in underground ponds, which are not subjected to any treatment system.

  • Petition: To treat and recover wastewater to reuse it in the process, as well as to reduce the waste sent to external management.
  • Solution: ENVIDEST MVR FF 1200


The water, after the treatment applied, is successfully reused in the process. The waste generated is reduced and sent to be managed, at a considerably lower cost.

Process diagram

Diamond Plating - Caso de éxito

Installation images