At Condorchem Envitech we are specialized in crystallization aimed at the concentration of raw materials. Crystallization processes, although not complicated, should be designed by a company expert in this technology, as in the case of Condorchem Envitech.

Crystallizers are equipment that allow full remove of liquid from a solution, transforming the paste into a dry solid, usually crystallized. Its function is based on heat application with the aim of evaporating the liquid until a consistent solid is obtained.

Crystallization is an essential step in most resources and wastes recovery processes, either because of the recovery or concentration of raw materials, because of the use of the final waste for a subsequent application (fertilizers) or because it would be a way to reduce the final waste weight and thus reduce its transport.

Crystallization has a key role in zero liquid discharge systems, in which liquid effluents are subject to a range of processes that have as final aims to achieve a dry waste and pure water flow. While water is reused, the effluent is transformed into a small amount of dry solid that can be recycled in many cases.

By means of our DESALT® technology we are able to produce a solid concentrate that may be used as a raw material or a by-product. We offer two types of crystallizers: Desalt LT DRY and Desalt LT VR.