The most convenient technologies for industrial water treatment in each case depend on the desired contaminant type to be separated or removed from the water. At Condorchem Envitech we have vast experience implementing effluent treatment plants.

The first main difference between technologies is based on whether contaminants in the water are suspended or disolved.

If the contaminants are in suspension, according to the particle size, the applicable technologies could be sieving, filtration sedimentation or flotation.

If the contaminants are disolved in the water, the technologies for treatment will vary if solids are organic or inorganic. In the first case the following methods could be applied: evaporation and crystallization, electrodialysis, ion exchange, filtration, reverse osmosis, oxidation-reduction or chemical precipitation, among others. If the solids disolved are organic, in turn we would differenciate between biodegradable or recalcitrant. If biodegradable, the best method is a biological treatment; however, if recalcitrant, an adsorption or chemical oxidation is the best option.

Finally, contaminants can be of a biological nature. A disinfectant method should be applied to remove pathogenic microorganisms: chlorination, ozonization, ultraviolet lamps, etc.