Desalination is a process that removes mineral from saline water. More generally, desalination refers to the removal of salts and minerals from a target substance, normally this is thought of as removing salt from water to be used for drinking water, however by inference if a system is put in place to remove Sodium Chloride (NaCl -salt) it will also take out other natural water salts such as Calcium (Ca) and Magnesium (Mg)

The common application for De-salinated water is for human and animal consumption or for crop irrigation. As a physical process is involved in removing the salt safely from the water then this type of water tends to be more expensive then fresh water from on-land resources such as rivers or lakes

However, at Condorchem Envitech we deal with De-salination systems for use in industrial applications and is of particularly of interest to companies that might be situated by a Tidal or Sea Water extraction potential. In some cases, besides producing process water from the De-Salination system then there might also be an application for the salt that is produced from the treatment

It is important to remember that in some cases, by applying a technology to remove the water salts, the processes will remove everything and therefore post treatment it may be important to add a further stage where natural beneficial water salts are added back into the treated water

Similarly, it is important to remember that water salts, particularly water salts from sea-water are particularly aggressive when in a concentrated form which is normally post treatment and warm, the high levels of Sodium and Chloride (Na & Cl) breakdown, particularly in the presence of fresh-water, and will attack and corrode most metals, this is a natural process known as Redox Potential, to address and control this, normally specialist coatings are required to ensure that the treatment does not have an adverse effect on the longevity of the equipment. This fact is particularly important when deciding on the final system to install.

As with all our work it is important for Condorchem Envitech to fully understand the client’s requirements, working with our clients, we assess where the water sources come from, full suites of analysis are undertaken to determine the full composition of the water source. After this work is undertaken, Condorchem Envitech will then present the client with a cost-effective solution for their requirement.

Below are therefore some examples of the types of systems which Condorchem Envitech can work with the client to ensure that the correct cost effective solution is found:

  • Physical- Chemical Purificators – Where there might be a requirement to remove some Suspended Solids (SS), such as Sea-Water, then this combination of equipment and chemistry can be used to reduce the contaminants in the wash-water.
  • Evaporation Technologies Condorchem Envitech are one of the leading companies in offering Evaporation Technologies to water that is heavy in water salts, smaller units have a small footprint and be located near to the extraction or delivery source.
  • Ion Exchange Resins – Ion exchange resins are synthetic materials, usually spheres of 0.5-1 mm of diameter, and can be used for de-salination water treatment. The actual resin composition can be determined by the application for the final water produced.
  • Electro-De ionization (EDI) and Continuous Electro – De Ionization (CEDI) are methods that removes ions dissolved in water applying an electric potential to allow ionic transport. The main difference with ion exchange is that Electro-De Ionization (EDI) does not require the use of chemical reactants (salts, acids, caustic soda).
  • Forward Osmosis Systems – Some water supplies such as Tidal Rivers, might have high levels of Soluble Solids, Forward Osmosis Systems can be used due to their lower foot-print required and the lower energy running costs. The process is carried out at very low pressures and at room temperature, which is one of the most important advantages.
  • Filtration Systems – Condorchem Envitech are able to provide the client with a wide range of filtration systems, depending on the contaminants coming onto the plant and the purpose of the final wash-water.

The above solutions are just some of the technologies employed by Condorchem Envitech initially a representative from our company will visit site and then work with the client to assess the quality of the waste-water and then the final requirement for the treated wash-water.

Examples of case-studies from some of our clients are also available via our representatives alongside client testimonial’s.

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