Condorchem Envitech have the expertise and the resources necessary to design, manufacture and install the most appropriate cryocondensation plant for VOC treatment. Cryocondensation is a technology for the treatment of different currents, flows, and pressures. Its systems can even be custom designed for each case.

Cryocondensation is a technology devised for those companies that use solvents in their processes and which must limit their emissions of VOCs into the atmosphere. It consists of the condensation of the organic pollutants present in the air using liquid nitrogen. The latter is not consumed in the process, it is only used as a refrigerant, and after evaporation in the condenser, it can be reused (for example, to inertise).

It is a very effective technology to treat low process gas flows (from 10 to 2000 m3/h) with a medium or high concentration of volatile organic compounds (generally, from 50 to 1000 g/Nm3).

When the recovered VOCs have to be reused, cryocondensation is the most appropriate technique, given that the pure volatile organic compounds are recovered, without any waste. Even when no recovery is required, it is a technique that may be very competitive due to its low operating costs (since it harnesses the nitrogen gas in other processes) and its low investment costs.

Cryocondensation can treat and recover a wide variety of solvents such as: toluene, acetone, methanol, chlorinated derivatives, hydrocarbons, etc.

Basically, this technology is based on the operation of a heat exchange in which the process gas and the liquid nitrogen circulate in a counterflow. However, since the liquid nitrogen is at -196ºC and the freezing point of the VOCs that are to be condensed is between -60 ºC and -100ºC, without a good control system it is easy to obtain steep temperature gradients that lead to rapid freezing of the heat exchanger, problems with cleaning and the solidification of the VOCs. For the plant to function optimally and the cleaning to be simple, it is useful to create shallow temperature gradients that entail the liquid condensation of the VOCs.