Oxidizers are the most common technology for the treatment of volatile organic compounds from industrial air streams.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) pose a threat to human health and the environment. Regulations establish very restrictive limits and therefore VOC elimination is required.

There are different methods to achieve their elimination. Some of the most efficient are:

These oxidation reactions are performed in a combustor. When large airflows with high VOC concentrations need to be treated, the amount of fuel to achive the VOCs oxidation is high. A rotor-concentrator is used to reduce this consumption because it concentrates the VOCs into a much smaller airflow. When a much smaller airflow with a high VOC concentration is treated in the combustor, the power efficiency of the process is highly increased.

Zeolites in the rotor-concentrator absorb the VOCs from the airflow and are subsequently released by circulating a small and heated airflow in the opposite direction, the airflow is then subsequently treated in the combustor.

Each case must be carefully examined and Condorchem Envitech, thanks to its experience, ensures the best possible treatment plan.