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Condorchem Envitech - Ros Roca
  • Client: Ros Roca Envirotec – Biogasanlage Ramstein
  • Year: 2011
  • Location: Ramstein, Germany
  • Sector: MSW landfills, Waste management, Container recycling, PET recycling and biogas plants
  • Division: Air
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Project description

Ros Roca focuses its business on manufacturing equipment for waste collection and management. It also designs and develops environmental engineering systems and processes.

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7 more biogas plants in Germany with RTO for biogas upgrading, with flows of 2,400-4,000 Nm3/h.

Request: Treatment of 2,400 Nm3/h of emissions with impurities from upgrading biogas produced from a livestock waste plant. Upgrading is a technique consisting of concentrating and purifying the methane in biogas so it reaches the proportions present in natural gas and has high energy potential.

Solution: Complete air purification plant with RTO-3, 3-chamber regenerative thermal oxidizer and its peripherals.


Emissions to the atmosphere in accordance with the German regulations limit.

Process diagram

Case Study - Ros Roca - Condorchem Envitech

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