Project details

  • Client: Rincon Mining Limited
  • Year: 2020
  • Location: Salta, Argentina
  • Sector: Mining
  • Division: Industrial wastewater treatment

Project description

In the lithium extraction mines in Salar del RincĂłn, owned by RincĂłn Mining Ltd, brines are generated during the mining process. These waters contain a rich lithium content that requires a recovery process to prevent the loss of this valuable material.

  • Request: Recover the water to reuse in the process and crystallize the lithium to
    recover it.
  • Solution: ENVIDEST DPM-1 5000 SAF 3507


The water, after the treatment applied, is successfully reused in the process. The resulting lithium concentration, on the other hand, is recovered in the form of a slurry.

Installation images