Project details

Condorchem Envitech - Industrial Bolsera
  • Client: Industrial Bolsera
  • Year: 2007
  • Location: Santa Perpetua de Mogoda, Barcelona, Spain
  • Sector: Graphic arts
  • Division: Industrial waste water / Waste recovery
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Project description

Since 1919, Industrial Bolsera has specialized in the printing and manufacturing of paper bags and flexible packaging.

Request: Concentrate its 1000 L/day waste effluent of inks until it reaches a certain viscosity in the concentrate to be reused as part of the base in black ink.

Solution: 1 concentration plant with vacuum evaporator with internal ENVIDEST LT VR 1000 scraper, with automatic density control.


TRUE ZLD Recovery of water for washing and recycling liquid concentrate as a base for black ink.

Process diagram

Case Study - Industrial Bolsera - Condorchem Envitech