FCC ÁMBITO – Case Study

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Project details

  • Customer: Fcc Ámbito (CTR Aldeanueva)
  • Year:2013
  • Location: La Rioja, Spain
  • Sector: MSW landfills, Waste management, Container recycling, PET recycling and biogas plants
  • Division: Industrial wastewater

Project description

FCC Ámbito is part of the FCC Group, and is the leading company in Spain and Portugal in the management of commercial waste, by-product recovery and soil decontamination, with a strong presence in the USA.

Previously, other projects were carried out for FCC Ámbito:

Request: The products to be treated in the evaporation plant are cutting fluids and water containing hydrocarbons. The facility to treat the aforementioned waste must have a treatment capacity of 1000 L/hour, 24 hours a day. To conform to specific and restrictive discharge limits stipulated by local laws.

Solution: Complete treatment plant with preliminary physico-chemical system phase + main phase with ENVIDEST MVR FC 1500 vacuum evaporator + later refining phase using BIOCARB biological system + peripherals.


Discharge at collector to conform to legal limits, thus achieving very low energy consumption in the plant.

Process diagram

FCC - Case Study

Project pictures