Project details

  • Client: Esmalglass (Itaca Group)
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: La Pobla Tornesa, Castellón (Spain)
  • Sector: Glass, ceramics and other materials
  • Division: Industrial air emissions treatment

Project description

Esmalglass (Itaca Group) produces frits, glazes and ceramic colours.. In their process to glaze tiles, they use inorganic compounds (metal oxides) that they treat through a bag filter system. Due to new acid limit restrictions and the idea of using compounds with a higher acid load, they decided to install a wet system.

  • Request: They requested us to treat the VOC emissions in order to comply with the emissions limits and to prevent problems with the compounds with higher content in acids.
  • Solution: Scrubber


Emissions limits complied successfully.

Process diagram

ESMALGLASS - Case study

Installation images