Project details

Condorchem Envitech - Biopharm
  • Client: Biopharm
  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Oued Smar, Algeria
  • Sector: Chemistry, Pharmacy and Cosmetics
  • Division: Industrial wastewater
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Project description

Biopharm is an Algerian pharmaceutical company. This industrial and commercial group has invested in the pharmaceutical sector since the early 90s and today has an extensive distribution network to wholesalers and pharmacies.

Request: Treatment for 16 m3/day of wastewater from reactor wash and control laboratories in the pharmaceutical industry, containing high COD and low BOD, as well as heavy metals, cyanide compounds and hydrocarbons.

Solution: 1 ENVIDEST MVR FC-750 vacuum evaporator + 1 DESALT LT DRY 1000
vacuum crystallizer + peripherals.


Discharge to collector within legally established limits.

Process diagram

Case Study - Biopharm - Condorchem Envitech

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