Project details

  • Client: Ball Beverage Packaging
  • Year: 2021
  • Location: Cheliábisnk (Russia)
  • Sector: Food
  • Division: Industrial wastewater

Project description

Ball Beverage Packaging Russia would use city water for their can washing process. The cycle of the water used was as follows:

  1. The water passes through a reverse osmosis system
  2. The RO reject is used in the can washing process
  3. The generated wastewater is sent to a physical-chemical plant
  4. The waste is sent to discharge

This process meant both a high economic cost and a high environmental issue that could be optimized.

  • Request: To implement a ZLD solution to be able to reuse the water back to their process and minimize the generated waste for disposal.
  • Solution: After the physical-chemical stage, we added the following systems:
    1. Ultrafiltration
    2. A secondary Reverse Osmosis
    3. Envidest MFE-3 100.000 SAF 2507


The distillate water is successfully reused in the process and the concentrated waste is significantly reduced, achieving the disposal cost minimization goal.

Process diagram

Case Study - Ball Beverage - Condorchem Envitech

Installation images