Compact waste drainage and leachates treatment

Waste sent to MSW landfills is subjected, prior to or at the same landfill, a compaction process that generates liquid drainage containing hazardous pollutants.

The composition of such drainage can vary depending on the compacted waste and weather conditions. This waste should be subjected to a purification treatment before being discharged into the general collector.

In the majority of instances, the most appropriate technology is thermal dehydration by vacuum evaporation. On the one hand, this allows us to obtain a solid rejection that can be compacted with the rest of the MSW in addition to a very high percentage of clean water that can be discharged or reutilized for washing.

Vacuum evaporators have also proved to be a very suitable technology for the treatment of leachate. They obtain a much higher percentage of distillate. In addition, vacuum evaporators achieve a much cleaner distillate than other technologies such as biological treatment or reverse osmosis.