Thermal energy production

Thermal Energy is the energy produced within a system, due to the movement of particles, within that system. As an example, clean liquid, if passed through a solar panel, it will absorb thermal energy from the heat of the sun’s rays, as the molecules of the initially cooler water heat up they become more active, eventually giving an effect of bubbling, this heat generated from the sun into the liquid is termed Thermal Energy.

Another example is Geothermal Energy and anyone who has been to Iceland will have witnessed how by clever engineering the majority of the islanders benefit from the free energy produced from within the earth’s core. (Geo simply comes from the Greek word for Earth).

Although the majority of Thermal Energy produced on the Earth at present comes from the use of carbon based fuels, there is a rapidly increasing market for alternative supplies of Thermal Energy, particularly as the vast majority of industrial countries have signed up to the Global Alliance on Carbon Emissions.

Condorchem Envitech works with its clients to ensure that they can benefit from any opportunity their systems may have to harness Thermal Energy. Some examples of where Condorchem Envitech have identified opportunities to utilize Thermal Energy include:

  • In some manufacturing processes the waste streams may contain constituent’s which have a high calorific value, for example in the Petroleum Industries from wash-systems or Food Manufacturing where cooking oils are used. Condorchem Envitech can work with the client to assess if there is justification for investment in equipment to harness these waste streams and utilize the calorific content of the waste.
  • Some large Energy Producing sites have waste streams which are hot, such as evaporators and cooling towers. Condorchem Envitech can investigate the potential to re-cycle these waste-streams and capture some of the Thermal Energy being wasted so that it can be used. For example, as the initial heating phase for water coming onto site for use in a process. The largest amount of energy needed to heat water is taking it from the tap or river at approximately 7 – 90C to heat it to above 250C. Therefore, if waste heat can be used for this application, there are significant savings to be made by site.
  • Livestock farmers are all too aware of the Thermal Energy generated by piles of manure. This is largely due to the action of bacteria as they feed off the material in the manure and generate their own heat. Condorchem Envitech have access to small footprint energy producing plants, so that instead of this Thermal Energy being wasted, site can benefit for using the manure as a feed-stock into a Bio-Digester.

Condorchem Envitech produce Turnkey solutions designed to meet your requirements. Before undertaking any work, we would undertake the following:

  • Undertake a Feasibility Study – working with the client to see if the potential is viable
  • Laboratory Testing & Analysis – We have a fully equipped state of the art laboratory, capable of producing a full range of data analysis
  • Produce a range of engineering solutions – At this stage, we will work with the client to ensure that all the pre-determined criteria are met, such as Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and Return on Investment (ROI) schedules

Condorchem Envitech can even provide the client with on-site Pilot Plant trials to provide reassurance, that the systems proposed are correct for the application proposed.

Should you require any further information or would like someone from Condorchem Envitech to contact you please fill out and submit the enquiry form on this site.