We offer distillers for organic solvent recycling used as degreasers, diluents, etc. in production processes of diverse industrial sectors.

Our distillers are available in a wide range of models to suit individual need. An exclusive characteristic of our equipment is the extractable deposit, the purpose of which is to ensure maximum safety during flammable products loading operations. In addition, they have a system that enables cycle change at maximum speed for consecutive cycle operation.

Within this range there are models supplied provided with an electric vacuum generator to distil high boiling point products, as well as with liquid separators to distil solvent mixtures.

We also offer a wide range of distillers to recuperate small amounts of solvents, whose deposit is fixed but it can easily be extracted from a tilting support.

They are applicable in a wide range of industries, the most notable being:

  • Liquid paint: vehicle bodywork – industrial paint – paint manufacturing.
  • Metal sector – automotive supplies – aeronautics.
  • Plastics: composites – thermosetting resins – thermoplastic resins.
  • Electronics: circuits – microchips – electronic components.
  • Cosmetics – chemical – pharmaceutical.
  • Surface treatments: wood – glass manufacturing – glass – precious metals.
  • Textile: industrial laundries.
  • Graphic arts: silkscreen printing – rotary printing.