CSP Abu Dhabi Concentrated Solar Plant

CSP Abu Dhabi, spectacular images of a solar thermal plant, Abengoa Solar participated in its construction, a company Condorchem Envitech partnered with.

Water treatment in geothermal power plants

The extraction of geothermal energy requires the presence of water reservoirs near hot areas. This water has to be treated before discharge to prevent the presence of salts and metals.

Recover energy from waste biogas in landfills

Biogas can be an energy source for leachate treatment: there are several technologies that can be applied to MSW landfill leachates treatment, however the method of vacuum evaporation, combined with or without pre- or post- reverse osmosis, has proven to be nowadays the most efficient method to minimize leachate and obtain purified water suitable for discharge.

Zero liquid discharge in MDF boards production

Medium-density fiber (MDF) boards are wood fiber agglomerates, which are mainly used by furniture manufacture. During the production process wastewater that will need further treatment is generated.