Multiple-effect vacuum evaporators (three phases).

ENVIDEST DPM-3 (12.000-30.000) is a vacuum evaporator which works by means of a submerged tube bundle exchanger with hot water and steam.

Two condensation options: by evaporative condenser or plate exchanger with cooling water circuit.

Possibility of using the heat in several effects. Fully automated operation of the equipment. These evaporator equipment are created to concentrate high effluent flows.

Our evaporators ENVIDEST DPM 3

Main features

  • Triple effect evaporator. Built on frame.
  • Three steam boilers made of AISI-316L stainless steel, of horizontal development with upper inspection manhole easy to access (170, 350 and 500 mm, depending on the model).
  • Three tube bundle exchangers, each of them submerged inside the boiler, made of AISI -316 L stainless steel. Exchanger removable by means of a flange, for its inspection and cleaning.
  • Two heating choices for evaporation on first effect:
  • Steam circuit heat exchanger.
  • Superheated water circuit heat exchanger.
  • Two condensation options at the third effect:
  • Evaporative condenser, stainless steel box, closed circuit  of cooling water with automatic fill-in valve, circulation pump with  spraying mouthpieces. High flow fan cross-current.
  • Plate exchanger with cooling water circuit.
  • Venturi vacuum system.
  • Three recirculation pumps / download of special concentrate for dense liquids.
  • Integrated electric panel. Control system with PLC SIEMENS S7-300 and HMI SIEMENS MP377. Communication system with remote assistance modem (optional)
  • Semi-automatic cleaning system for the inside of the boiler.
  • Power supply: 400 V III, 50 Hz.

Optional features

  • Parts of the equipment touching the fluid built with special material  corrosion resistant (SAF 2507, SANICRO 28, TITANIUM or stainless steel austenitic-ferritic super duplex alloys) for effluents with high levels of chloride, fluoride, etc.
  • Remote management MODEM.
  • Other power supplies available.


Vacuum evaporator - ENVIDEST DPM 3

Technical specs

Parameter Units 12000 20000 24000 30000
Capacity L/day 12000 20000 24000 30000
Electrical consumption kWh 12 12 12 12
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 3100 x 1820 x 3284 3380 x 3600 x 3980 3400 x 3600 x 3980 3800 x 3600 x 3980