The complete CHEMIREC® plant consists of a combination of technologies to recover the hydrochloric acid from pickling exhausted baths with high Fe (II) and Zn contents.

The CHEMIREC® process is patented and represents an innovative and practical solution that allows the hydrochloric acid full recovery (both free and combined), while also obtaining a commercial by-product with an easy market exit.

Low management costs of the process allow a fast investment recovery.

The primary components of a complete plant are:

  • Crystallization equipment DESALT 1200 in complete PP/PVDF with 35 Kw cooler. Equipment mounted on metalic frame with corrosion protection coating, access ladder and security railed footbridge.
  • Vacuum evaporation concentration Envidest LT VS model, built with corrosion resistant materials.
  • Intermediate storage deposits in PRFV and transfer pumps in P.P./PVDF.