Abengoa Solar – Case Study

COVID-19 - CLARIFICATION - We wish to inform our clients that despite the restrictions derived from the pandemic, Condorchem Envitech maintains its ability to develop projects and install equipment in any country in the world. The start-up of the plants can be done remotely, since they have systems that allow remote management, remote diagnosis and they include an alarm center.

Project details

  • Customer:Abengoa Solar Plant (Castile – La Mancha Solar Platform)
  • Year:2012
  • Location: Ciudad Real, Spain
  • Sector:Energy
  • Division:Industrial wastewater / Waste recovery

Project description

The Castile-La Mancha Solar Platform consists of two 50MW solar thermal plants each with parabolic trough technology. The two plants, Helios 1 and Helios 2 came into operation in the summer of 2012.

Request: Single WWTP, by evaporation and vacuum crystallization, to treat 20 m3/h of wastewater from the two Helios 1 + Helios 2 WTPs (demineralizer and reverse osmosis reject solutions), obtaining a minimum of 70% to be reused.

Solution: 5 ENVIDEST MVR FF-4,000 vacuum evaporators + 2 DESALT VRWW 12,000 vacuum crystallizers + peripherals.


Zero discharge is achieved with recovery of up to 95% distilled water for reuse in the WTP.

The emission of 31,400 tons of CO2 per year is avoided.

Process diagram

Abengoa - Case Study

Project pictures