Pressure is mounting in most industrialized countries not only to clean waste-water, but also to investigate the potential for water recycling. Most industrial sites now have to pay twice for their water, initially to take the water onto site from a local supplier, and then similarly to dispose of their waste water post production.

In some countries, there is also mounting pressure from enforcement agencies on industrial sites to continually improve the quality of their waste-water discharge, in some cases the quality is better than the water supplied to site! Additionally, in some countries due to climatic changes, good quality water is becoming scarce, this puts more pressure on companies to assess the ability to recycle more and more water.

However, it is still the case that in many industries, large amounts of good quality water are wasted by just being used as once-through treatments, such as Cooling Systems and Wash-down Waters. Historically this might have been due to a local source of water supply from say a borehole or river, these occasionally need reviewing or as previously mentioned changes in legislative consents might be reasons which mean that a Water Recycling project is now viable.

In some situations, Water Recycling, maybe relatively easy with just a filtration system to take out solids from the wastewater.

One example is in the automotive industry in a paint-shop wash-water was used to clean the model shells, the vast majority of this water was of relatively good quality and with minimal filtration treatment could be recycled.

In other industries, such as food processing, there will be a need for several stages of treatment, normally commencing with solids separation, followed by the removal of dissolved solids and finally a tertiary treatment such as filtration before recycling.

There is no given volume where the volume of wastewater to be recycled makes it easily economically viable to recycle, therefore, Condorchem Envitech work with clients to look at the potential for recycling water, sometimes termed a Return on Investment (ROI) from either individual water streams or the collective waste water from sites. One of the main criteria is to evaluate where the water is to be used after recycling. Condorchem Envitech have a fully equipped laboratory where clients can send samples for analysis and based on the results both parties can put a cost-effective proposal to work towards.

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