In the current economic context, being competitive is vital in any industry. It is essential to minimize resource consumption and boost recovery. The most important resource for almost all industries are raw materials (where water has a key role) and energy.

In those processes where high-value reactants are used, preference will be given to the recovery of the non-consumed reactants. Technologies based on vacuum evaporation can have a very important role when these reactants are metals (gold, platinum, zinc, chrome, etc).

In the case of processes where a large amount of water is used, either as a solution to treat liquid effluents or to reduce water consumption dramatically, zero liquid discharge systems can fulfill that double purpose.

When wastes are biodegradable carbonates, the biodigestion followed by the energy cogeneration process constitutes a very interesting environmental and economical alternative. On the one hand, wastes are considerably reduced and, on the other hand, a significant amount of thermal and electrical energy is produced.

The design of the best option for the resource recovery should lay on a highly experienced industry on the matter, such as Condorchem Envitech.