The main contaminant sources found in the wood and cork industries are: washing waters from wood with pesticides, water from wood crushing, water from glue spreaders, cork boiling waters, cleaning solvents and VOC emissions to the atmosphere.

Condorchem Envitech provides the technologies required for the treatment of effluents and air emissions generated by any company in the wood and cork sector.

Following is a general classification of different manufacturers:

  • Sawing and industrial preparation of wood.
  • Manufacture of veneer sheets, boards, panels, chipboards, fiber and wood strips.
  • Builders carpentry structures and pieces and builders joinery.
  • Wooden containers and packaging.
  • Products of cork.

Condorchem Envitech supplies tailor-made solutions designed specifically for the treatment of effluents generated by companies in the wood and cork sector:

To this end, we offer several technologies, the most notable being: