Wastewater treatment in paint pretreatment

Concentrated baths and waters from metal treatments prior to paint application, contain toxic agents (detergents, high organic load, salts, etc.), which are to be minimized by an appropriate treatment for such a  purpose.

Among the various techniques used today, vacuum evaporation can be highlighted as a universally applicable method, whose simplicity makes it the best solution for the treatment of discharges.

Atmospheric evaporation is probably the safest method of separating water from the components mixed in it, however the high costs of the traditional energy management method involved, makes it an infeasible process, in this case, viewed from such perspective.

In this context, the use of the following vacuum evaporation methods in this process will bring major economic advantages:

• Heat pump evaporation.
• Mechanical vapor compression evaporation.
• Multi-effect evaporation.

Any of these techniques are used in order to  obtain a  closed loop water treatment process in a pre-treatment line by means of a low-energy physical process.