Condorchem collaborates in CSP Abu Dhabi

In previous posts we have talked about Water Treatment Plants (WTP) and Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP) for concentrated solar power plants (CSP).A WTP aims to obtain ultrapure water for the generation of quality steam and a WWTP is installed with the purpose of purifying the rejections of the WTP so that water can be reused. For such purposes, technologies such as vacuum evaporators, crystallizers, reverse osmosis, and physico-chemical purification, among others,  are utilized and combined.At this time we want to share with you some spectacular images of a solar thermal plant in Abu Dhabi. Abengoa Solar participated in its construction, a company with whom we have worked with on the development of both Water Treatment Plants and Wastewater Treatment Plants.

Shams 1 CSP plant in Abu Dhabi, developed by MASDAR in association with Total and Abengoa Solar. Construction situation by Jan 2012. 100MW Concentrated Solar Power plant.